Essay On Personal Narrative: My Day Of Golfing

One Saturday morning around 9 a.m. I woke up for the day and decided to go golfing with my best friend Dylan. The weather was perfect for a day of golfing. It was sunny, and it was about 80 degrees with a nice breeze. I’ve only been golfing a few times, but I am starting to get into it more. I am definitely not a professional golfer, but I love the sport. Dylan pulled in the driveway around 9:30, you could hear the horn from inside the house. I grabbed my stuff and walked to his car. We were blasting music in the car just goofing off like friends do. It took about twenty minutes to get to the golf course. Dylan was driving his new car that he just got about a week ago. It was a grey 2014 Dodge Dart. He still wasn’t very good at driving a clutch yet, so it made for an interesting ride to the golf course. I think I had whiplash from him jerking the car around every time he changed gears.
I was still excited and had a good feeling that I was going to golf well today. I just bought new Nike golf clubs and couldn’t wait to use them. They were pretty expensive so they better help me golf better! Once we grabbed all our equipment from the car we walked in and paid. After we walked outside we had
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He hit the gas pretty hard and then locked up the brakes on the damp ground. The cart started to slide sideways down the hill. My heart was racing and I was hanging on trying not to fall out. The cart was only on two wheels now and almost flipped over. I was seriously scared for my life. I thought we were going to flip the cart over on top of us. Luckily, Dylan got the cart under control, but I am not sure how he did that since he was laughing the whole time. People were looking at us and wondering if we were ok. I was surprised we didn’t get kicked out and asked not to ever return back to this golf course. I am sure that was the first time any of these golfers ever saw something like that

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