Personal Narrative Essay: A Day At A Football Ball

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Have you ever been in a situation where time seems to stop and you know you did something wrong but it is funny? Well, that same situation happened to me and my friends one day at the packed Bradley Beach, and that particular 30 seconds of when that ball left my hands and hit that girl in the face will always stick with me and those who saw what happened, and it will probably stick with the girl who got hit with the ball, too. But before I get into the details of what happened, let me set up the setting for you.
It was in mid July when me and two of my friends went to the beach like we always do, getting there around 9:00. We got everything set up and went to buy some food and drinks for the day. As the day went on and on, it began to get hotter and hotter, and since it was getting hotter out, more and more people began to come to the beach and eventually, it go so crowded that you could barely move around in the water without bumping into at least 5 people, and squeezing through about an entire crowd of unsuspecting tourists, but we knew how to manage it, as it has happened before. After the water began to get way to crowded, we went up and got a soccer ball and began to pass it around for about 20 minutes before our feet began to get way too hot,
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After we retrieved the ball, we could not find the girl so we could apologize to her. As that day went on, all we could possibly think about was that moment of when the ball hit the ball ricocheted off the girl’s face and shot straight up into the air. For the rest of the summer, every time we went to the beach, all we could remember was that moment. Since that day, I did walk away with something, other than a ball and a smile on my face, and thing was self awareness. I now know that I should be way more self aware and I should be a lot more accurate when it comes to those

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