Personal Narrative Essay: A Career In Hockey

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I was never really a hockey fan, although I had STL Blues merchandise around my house, mostly owned by my mom or step-dad. Many of my friends enjoyed the sport hockey and also liked to watch the games on television. I had often thought the sport was odd and stupid, like I did with most sports. Izzy, Brooklyn and I were all at our normal lunch table when it happened. Izzy had looked over at me and said, “Kayla, would you like to go to a blues game with me?”.I honestly didn’t think about my answer, I just simply responded, “yes, of course.” Izzy not knowing that this would be my first NHL game, lit her face up with a smile and said “Okay, I’ll have my mom text your mom about it”. When lunch was over, I couldn’t stop thinking about my answer. Why would I say yes to something I didn’t like? …show more content…
My mom gave me money for food and a camera to take with me. I had soon realized I didn’t own an STL Blues jersey, so I went to one of my friends who is a huge hockey fan; Colin Bates. Colin said he’d let me borrow one of his jersey for the game that night so everything was going fine until I tried the jersey on. Colin is a pretty big guy, height wise with broad shoulders. When I put the jersey on, it was huge, but I admired the look, surprisingly. Once we arrived at Izzy’s house after school, the adrenaline kicked in. I was actually pumped to be going to the game and couldn’t wait to leave the house to head down to The Scottrade Center. While we waited for Izzys uncle to pick us up, we snacked on small foods like chips and juice while she explained to me how games usually go. She was telling me about her first time witnessing a hockey fight. It sounded so amazing that I had secretly hoped one of the players would get in a fight with one of the opponent's team

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