There Is More Powerful Than Any Adversity Or Problem You Face

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“Don’t lose heart. There is a force within you that is more powerful than any adversity or problem you face.” This quote is absolutely right. Every single person on this planet sustains a strength that outweighs all of their adversities. Everybody should understand and remember this quote throughout their life.
People believe that their heartbeat and their life are related. People also believe that if their heart beat didn’t go up and down they would not be surviving. Then why do they expect their life to be perfect? Why don’t people understand that one cannot live without ups and downs in their life? Not a single person on this planet is born perfect or have accomplished their living without facing an adversity. Life is a constant change
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This mentation didn’t bide with me for too long.
I immigrated to Canada in May 3rd, 2011. The first week, my family and I roamed around in Edmonton. I started getting bored during the second week. I told my dad about that, and he granted me suggestion to join a school. At this point of time, my family and I weren’t sure if we desired to stay in Canada or no. Anyways, I thought about the suggestion my dad gave me and decided to join a school without recognizing the change that is going to take
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I didn’t know what to do or where to go and so I traced a group of guys. They travelled outside and I postdated them. When they noticed me following them, they turned around and in an aggressive tone told me stop following them. Of course, I didn’t understand and I kept on following them. This time when they noticed me following them, they turn around and this one guy comes up to me and throws a punch right at my nose. My nose started bleeding. He threatened me that if I secernate anyone about this, he will beat me even harder next time. I understood by his hand gesture and I nodded. I ran up to a teacher, and they were surveilling me. The teacher asked me what befell, and looking at them I severalised my teacher that I fell on the concrete. She called my parents and told them to pick me up. They came and picked me up. When I hit home my mom asked me what had happened and I told her the same thing I told the teacher. I went to school next day conceiving everything will be okay.
It was a break time and this time I did not follow them. Instead, I went to complete opposite direction as they did. I made my way outside. I was walking and all the sudden I trade eye contacts with them. I started running and they started running after me. I was escaping toward a teacher, and luckily I made it there by a skin of a tooth. However, during lunch they caught me and beat me up. I proceeded home crying that day. This process repeated every single

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