Personal Narrative : Dignity For All Students Act Essay

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DASA (Dignity for all Students Act) is a law designed to protect all students from bullying. It serves an important purpose in schools in order to create a safe environment for students, free from physical, mental and emotional harassment. After receiving DASA training, there is much knowledge I have gained about what DASA consists, including from a teacher’s standpoint and my obligations as a teacher concerning DASA in schools. As part of our DASA training, we spent time discussing incidents of bullying we remembered from personal experiences and/or saw as students. With these incidents, we discussed the bullying spectrum and the roles of people involved in the incidents. A specific bullying incident I have dealt with occurred recently as a pre service teacher. I observed several students writing on sticky notes and placing them on a female student’s back when she was not looking. Almost instantly the female student turned around to see students laughing and she discovered the post it notes on her back with “kick me” phrases written on them. After a minute all of the students realized I was watching the incident take place and I approached the incident and asked the female student to stay seated as I spoke to the group of students in the next classroom, which is connected to my classroom through a door. There were 3 students that I spoke to who were involved in the incident. I questioned the students and asked them what happened, however all of their responses consisted…

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