Personal Narrative Beach - Original Memories Essay

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Ipperwash Beach has been my home away from home for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories include getting thrown off the inner tube into waves so big they could swallow me whole, campfires that my grandfather would build rain or shine, just so we could get that perfect bedtime treat and a sun burning so bright I thought the sweet summer would never end. As far as I was concerned, Ipperwash Beach was a magical place that couldn’t do any wrong. From a young age, I can remember the whispers and lingering stares I received when I would mention to a camp counsellor or adult family friend that it was almost time to go to the beach. They would speak in hushed tones so I wouldn’t hear but no matter what they had to say, nothing would ever take away the magic of cottage country. Not for me. It wasn’t until I grew older that I started to notice the little things that everyone would speak about when it came to Ipperwash. The small, run down houses on the outskirts of town weren’t meant to be haunted houses in the fall time, they were the homes of Indigenous people, who had been run off their land before my time. My favourite pizza shop on the corner wasn’t more expensive for us because we were tourists, but because of our skin colour and tie to historical events that tore what once used to be peaceful land, into a never-ending war zone. The conflict of Ipperwash Beach needs to be continually recognized by people in modern day Canada and seen as one of Canada’s…

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