Personal Narrative: A Typical Concert Day

I’ve been in band for almost 4 years, and each year, twice a year we have a concert. This isn’t the typical concert you would picture in your head with a big stage, lots of bright colorful lights, booming speakers, and a singer and band. Band concerts take lots of preparation and effort from everyone, and the entire day of can be a bit crazy. The following is what a typical concert day would be like for me.

In the morning, the gym floor has the ginormous grey tarps all set and ready to go and we have to move in all the chairs and stands before school to practice during first hour. When first hour comes we all grab our instruments as quickly as we can because no one wants to upset Mr. Keck. As people shuffle around to get situated, they waste
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After warmups we play through our songs and then the bell rings for the next class. We go off to our normal school day with the anticipation of tonight.

After school, I go to the band room where I reside until I get dressed in my uniform for the concert. Our symphonic band uniforms and tuxedos for the guys and long black dresses for the ladies; very formal. The band room quickly fills with other band members of all the different ages. I can feel the nerves and excitement of all the young musicians at their first or second concert. This reminders me of when I was young and eager; I was just a beginner and had so much to learn. Then we start filing out to the bleachers and chairs to find our seats for the beginning of the concert.

Once we are seated, the concert starts with a small ensemble or jazz combo then alternating middle school bands, working up to the high school symphonic band. Like always, I enjoy listening to see if I recognize some of the songs I played when I was younger. The younger bands also make me look forward to the future when I will be leading them and helping them grow as players and people. After the first few bands play, I start to get a little impatient in my seat, because even though I’ve done this a thousand times, I still get performance nerves. Then, when it’s almost time for us to play, we find our seats which isn’t an easy task when wearing

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