Personal Narrative : A Timer Is A Teacher 's Best Friend Essay

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1. “A Timer is a Teacher’s Best Friend”
2. Episode: My first day in my practicum was a very interesting and exciting experience. Due to some trouble with the breakfast cart and its lack of appearance in the classroom, I was left alone to greet about twenty-five kids (maybe it was a little less but it seemed about that many) while Mrs. H went in search of the student’s breakfast. I greeted the students and asked their names. We then began with some conversation about our pets, and anything else the students wanted to share. Presently, Mrs. H returned and we began the introduction activity, a “Would You Rather” list of questions. Mrs. H sent a timer for each part of the activity. For instance, she said, “You have two minutes to ask your group members the question you chose” and so on. As the students were talking, she told me, “A timer is a teacher’s best friend because it helps keep the students on track and lets them know when they need to begin wrapping up their thoughts.” I wish I could share all of the other new things I experienced today, but I will retrain myself and be content with this example of Mrs. H’s teaching style and classroom management system.
3. Reaction: After Mrs. H said this to me, I told her I thought it was a very wise idea and that I would be sure to buy a timer for my future classroom.
4. Response: I really like the way Mrs. H made use of a timer to help her students stay on track. I think it would also be helpful as a teacher because it would help…

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