Personal Narrative: A Place In The Workplace

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When I walk into a room full of dogs and cats in kennel it smells. I was just about to dump some trash. Suddenly, I heard a rooster was crowing from the back of nowhere, which amazes me because I never thought of a rooster could be on an adoption list. On the way out of the dumpster, they provide a doorstopper in case a volunteer was locking outside. There are two-outdoors areas where they manage and take turns to bring the dog out to do some exercise and we allow going into the cages and playing with these animals. When I went through the outside section of each dogs kennel, my duties were cleaning each glass window doors from the inside all the way out. Next, walk into the kitchen I see a stock of cat’s can food my job there was washing and rinsing the dog bowls and stocks them nicely on top of the counter. The very last thing I do to end my shift was sweeping the main office to keep the environment nice and clean. …show more content…
They also have a pet supply store; called Rascal’s Boutique the store itself provides pet clothing, collars rope out, bag, pet bedding exclusive home furnishings, etc. A community room is for the person who is a cat lover want to spend some time to play with them. Today I got the chance to go in there to try to play with them, but the cat was either sleeping or stared at you and then walked away this make me feel a little bit disappointed. I hope the next time I went in there they would be friendlier to

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