Personal Narrative: A New Food

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Trying new foods is not always a dreadful idea. In fact, occasionally if you try a new food, it ends up being your favorite food which is my story. Due to the fact that I was afraid to try my grandfather’s home cooked fish I set up three stages in my mind which were what is the food, how does it look, and how it made me feel afterward. On Friday nights after church revival in the month of August around 9:45 P.M. is when we celebrate the week of revival. This particular event is when I first figured out what my comfort food was. As an eight year old girl who had never had home cooked fish before, this was a major time for me. In the midst of playing with the other children from the church we were called to pray and eat. As I sat in my chair, my mom fixed me a plate with beans, hush puppies, deviled eggs, and fish. That was my first time laying eyes on home cooked fish so swallowed my pride and decided that I was going to be a positive girl and try my grandfather’s fish. About an hour later I finished most of the food on my plate, but I had been playing and talking so much that I realized I still haven’t eaten my fish. As I glanced down at my plate, there it was. It looked so nice, but I was so afraid that it wouldn’t taste like the fish at my favorite place called Berry’s. The fish was greasy, crispy, and hard. I could tell …show more content…
I just could not stay away from my grandfather’s fish. I felt so extremely wonderful after eating all that fish that I felt like I have accomplished something. I learned that I shouldn’t always be afraid to try new things considering I just might like it for the rest of my life. I felt as though my grandfather was the best fry cook in the world after trying his fish for the first time. As everyone began to leave around 12:00, I was too full to even get up and say goodbye. I thought to myself, “Fish is now and forever my favorite food and I have my grandfather to thank for

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