Personal Narrative: A Memorable Journey

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A Memorable Journey I am barely able to drag my exhausted body and hardly lift my baggage heading towards the exit of the airport. After a lengthy stood waiting, in the dim light, I finally get on the bus drives me home. During the overnight bus ride, all the details of the journey are still echoing and these memories remain sharply engraved on my mind. Even I staring at the view that vanished in an instant out of the window, it reminds me the splendid lights which I saw in my journey. Within the silence walk to my home, I begin to giggle because of the fragments of my memory until I awaken swiftly in front of the door of my destination. “I’m back, mum.” I softly said.
“Welcome back, do you having fun in Japan?” My mother replied tenderly,
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Why are you coming here?” The Immigration officer inquired.
“For travel.”
“There is no any problem of your identity document. Welcome to Japan and have a nice trip.”
“Thank you.” I smiled and replied.
After a few hour’s trek with my ponderous baggage, I arrived the hostel in Yokohama at about 10 o’clock in the afternoon. Most of the restaurant closed, so I just stroll along the street and try to get some food for a starving young man. I notice that over a far distance, a dim bulb of the street light cast a soft radiance over a signboard of a Izakaya, I gaze around the time-worn façade and step into the Izakaya.
A young lady is sitting at the bar counter and chatting with the chef who I think also the chief of the Izakaya, I sit at the bar counter silently and pretend that I’m a local, but soon I abandon this idea, because of an absurd reason, I can’t read the menu. The sense of fieriness spread on my face rapidly.
“Excuse me.” I raised the menu embarrassedly and said.
The chef takes out a menu with English annotation without saying anything.
“Arigatou. I wanna have this.” I express my thank with my poor Japanese. In order to diminish the embarrassment, I randomly point at the menu and select a dish that I don’t even know what it
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I dressed myself up and prepare all the equipment well, including the telescope, glow stick, the cheering towel which I bought it from the official store and fundamentally the stoked heart. Outside the venue, a huge crowd gather around, but the quality of education and civility have revealed when they enter the venue, people spontaneously line up, others joined the queue silently. After getting into the venue, standing on the steps, the stage far away catch my concentration, not only the decoration but also the atmosphere of the venue, I am so excited that my heart feel shaking. The count-down starts, everyone in the venue follow up with the rhythm, every single count strike right into my heart, I can’t help myself but to shout out

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