Personal Narrative: A Hockey Life

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A Hockey Life

My first pair of skates were pieces of plastic with straps that went over the feet. They were called bobsled skates. They also had two pieces of steel on each side of the skate, like on the bottom of a normal skates. I remember the look on my dad’s face when he put my skates on me for the first time; he was smiling. As I walked out to the ice rink, I spotted a chair. It was supposed to help you learn how to skate, and that’s exactly what I thought. I went onto the ice and crawled to the chair. I sat on the chair and said, “Daddy, push me,” so he did. He pushed me so fast that my skates barely touched the ice.
Then, my dad said, “Time for you try,” so I got off the chair and went to the back of the chair and started pushing slowly. I gradually gained speed and confidence. Suddenly, I was skating! To this day, I have been
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Atom is very complicated, because there are two different teams: rep and house. Rep is more advanced and competitive. House is fun, and you don’t play as many games. That year, we had to do try-outs. I made it to the house team and it was really fun, because my dad was the head coach! My team had seventeen players, including me. At first, we lost seven straight games. Then, we finally won a game. We had a lot of practices; we had most of them on Monday morning from seven till eight. As soon as we got off the ice, we had to get changed really quickly because we had school at nine. Still, we kept on losing.
In the middle of the season, those early practices started to pay off. We started winning . . . a lot. Then, it was playoff time. We had four games to play. We lost our first game three to two against North Vancouver. Our next game was against the other Squamish house team. We won it four to two. Our third game was against another North Vancouver team, and we won that game eleven to eight. Then, we were playing for the banner against the team we had lost to first. It was very tense that

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