Delmonquia Persuasive Speech

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The fans start to pour out of the stands; another win. A win means a friday night party and anybody who’s anybody will be there. First out of stadium,Amanda, makes an announcement that she will be hosting tonight 's raging party. Right from the game, people started packing cars and headed to her house. Everyone knows where she lives because she is well known for throwing the craziest parties. Having faith in the football team, she was even able to get her parents out of the house for the weekend. Amanda left straight from the game to set up for tonight. She starts by going into her parents liquor cabinet and pulling out everything. “A half bottle of Jack, Margarita mix, some Grey goose, and a 24 pack” she tells her closest friend Rachel. …show more content…
Infact, she is, without question, one of the most popular girls at her high school. She doesn’t play in any sports, she isn’t a cheerleader, she is just known for having insane parties. This one was better/worse than any of the others. She had so much alcohol, that nobody there was under three times the legal limit. By giving people a good time, she was practically buying their friendship. To show all of her other friends later on, Delmonquia started taking pictures. Holding a bottle she would run up to people and yell, “Selfie!” She was Notorious for getting people in trouble with pictures from …show more content…
People were walking, crawling, running, and rolling to their cars. Cars lined both sides of the streets in the usually quiet neighborhood. Delmonquia watches as the cars leave, some fast, some slow, some going the wrong way, and some going through other people’s yards. As Amanda started to go back into the house, she heard a loud bang. She turned around and saw a car smashed into a tree a block down. She started running to the car but stumbled a couple times. She finally reached the car and started screaming. In the car were Requasha and Latavius lying motionless. Panicked, amanda calls

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