Personal Narrative: A Fishing Trip To My Dad

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“Get the net get the net” I yelled to my dad. When I was eight years old I went on a fishing trip to Canada with my dad, grandpa, Kevin, Buck, and his son. The ride was terrible, but when we got there it was worth it. On the way there we decided to make bets. There was the biggest fish and most unique catch and the winner got ten dollars. The cabins were green and yellow and it felt like home, but we had to lock are trash cans because there are a lot of bears at the campsite so we had to lock them for our safety. I couldn’t wait to go fishing. We first had to unpack then put my grandpa’s boat in the water and dock it then set the poles up. We used a jig with a leech and let it sink to the bottom the real it up. I used my gold jig and my red …show more content…
When I put my pole in the water I let the jig sink and then I stood there and waited. I first caught a couple 18 to 19 inch walleye which is a good eating size. Then the big bite came. I felt a tap, then the fish took it. I set the hook and started to reel in. When I started reeling that's when I realized that this was something huge and I yelled for the net. The fish was turning his head and diving down and swimming the opposite direction. I thought my line was going to snap any second so I yelled “my line is going to break and I’m going to loose it”. I was fighting the fish for a good 5-10 minutes until it surfaced an took one last good dive down and when it did that I almost drooped my poll but I didn't. I got the fish to surface again and my dad put the net in the water and had a super hard time to net the fish. It took my dad about 3 minutes to net the fish and when he was trying to net it, he was telling the fish to get on the net and then I replied back “dad you really think the fish can here you” then my dad said “Colin be quiet”. My grandpa just laughed. Finally the fish was in the net and it barely fit in the

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