Personal Narrative: A Career As A Tennis Player

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All my life I’ve played tennis. Usually someone would just think about tennis as two guys or girls hitting a yellow felt ball around a court and grunting/moaning loudly. Not me. I think of it as something much tougher, my greatest challenge. My first visual of the sport happened when I was young. At 5 years-old, I saw my sister at tennis practice (she was 9 years-old) and my big curiosity wanted me to try it. I told my parents I wanted to do the same thing my sister was doing, and they signed me at the same place she practiced, Fairland Aquatics Center. The first practice was with the tennis coach named Kevin, whom I still know to this day. He gave me a kid-sized Penn Racquet and told me to run around the tennis court two times. It had a red, black, and silver cosmetic to it, and I absolutely loved it. I would soon go to practices hitting yellow felt balls with my new …show more content…
She didn’t like playing at Fairland anymore, so she joined her friend’s tennis team, BSR (Belair Swim & Racquet). These practices really made me enjoy tennis and got me back into the sport. I wasn’t too into tennis when I got back into it, mainly I saw no career in it. What actually got me into tennis was when I joined the Laurel High School tennis team. This is when I started to use my newly bought racquet, the Babolat Aeropro drive, which I still use and customize to this day. It is my pride-and-joy. I faced many opponents with my Babolat racquet. However, there was one enemy I couldn’t beat, Leukemia. Leukemia is really hurting me play tennis now. With it came Avascular Necrosis (bone death, due to not enough blood getting to the bones). Avascular Necrosis put my on crutches for 9 months. However, even on crutches I still went to matches to see my friends play tennis. Now in my senior year, instead of playing, I’m going to be assistant coach. Even though I can’t play, I’m applying myself somehow to be doing something related to

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