Personal Narrative : A Car Ride With My Fellow Friends

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"Ring!" sounded the final bell on a Friday afternoon at school. Students sprinted out of class to get to their cars trying to beat the rush of traffic; I was one of them. I stopped by my locker to grab all of my books and then hurried out to my shiny gold Toyota Camry. I quickly put my key into the ignition and backed out of my parking spot. I stepped on the gas pedal to beat all of the idiot drivers that don 't know how to wait their turn. Once at the stoplight, I took a sharp right turn onto 86th Avenue. I was headed towards my friend Logan’s house to go on a bike ride with my fellow friends. I did not know within the next hour my hand would be covered in blood and Logan would be racing me to the hospital. By the time I got to Logan’s house all of my friends were already there. They were all waiting anxiously to go bike riding at the park. I stepped out of my car and walked inside to set down my purse. I instantly picked a bike from the garage and began to peddle towards the park. It was so gorgeous outside. There was a slight breeze blowing against my face and it was a sunny seventy five degrees out. No wonder why everyone was waiting so impatiently for me to get there. As we entered the park, we all were trying to decide what trail follow. Finally making a decision, everyone followed each other in pairs of twos. “Buzz!” blared my friend Tori’s phone. She hastily answered her phone while trying to balance on her bike at the same time. “Yes of course we will

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