Personal Narrative : A 4 Day Week Essay

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A 4-day Week May Be the Solution
How does a three day weekend sound? As a student, a three day weekend sounds awesome! With budget cuts, schools have been desperately trying to find a solution and a four-day school week may just be it. Installing a four-day week would mean a Monday or Friday off of school for students and a great deal of other benefits. Not only would this idea provide financial benefits with transportation, school lunches, and staff costs, but also it could potentially increase attendance. Because of the countless benefits to a four-day school week, all schools should make the switch.
One of the primary purposes for the four-day school week would be the great amount of savings. Chattooga School District in Georgia says they are saving $800,000 annually after switching to a four-day week. A tremendous amount of the savings come from the cost of transportation. These include fuel, maintenance, and driver salaries. Peach County in Georgia states that they are down 35% of spending in transportation costs ( Bus drivers spend an hour or more every morning and afternoon transporting kids to and from school. Less time on the roads means less spending on transportation. Another obvious saving would be school breakfasts and lunches. On the day off students may be in the classroom however there would be no food served therefore the money spent to fund school food would be reduced by 20% ( Lastly, money will be saved by the…

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