Personal Model of Leadership Part 1 Essay

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Jose Cisneros
Dayna Thompson

The three top terminal values that I picked for my individual model of leadership are: “salvation”, “health” and “family security”. My top three instrumental values that I chose for my individual model are: “obedient”, “responsible” and “logical”. When I think of my individual values I first think of my spiritual well-being, which for me is ultimately salvation. I didn’t think of my physical and mental well-being, which is my overall health. As part of my individual values I include family security, since for me my family is one of my main priorities in life. I believe that these three values that I mentioned are essential in my life and these three values are what keep me feeling
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I think to enjoy work for me is extremely important to have a sense of accomplishment, as without it you will feel meaningless. I think a sense of accomplishment goes hand-in-hand with feeling capable and this is something that I strongly strive for. At an organizational level I believe that it is also important to feel at peace with what I do, as for me is very important to find

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