Personal Mission Statement Essay

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Personal Mission Statement

I see myself progressing in my field as well as in my education. I find my education challenging and motivating. I can see many challenges ahead and therefore I am willing to invest my time learning all the skills and knowledge of my field towards professional advancement. I hoped to be offered in a management role in 5 years, looking to move on to greater things. I'm prepared to learned new things and contribute to the overall success of the organization in a number of ways. The only specific ''plan of willingness'' is that the opportunity be within my ability to learn, interesting enough for me to dig and do a good job, and the compensation increase a reasonable amount in relation to the demands of the
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What - The problem is that I want to be able to maintain my grades at school and be able to work for my family's income.
Why - I am having this problem because we're using my income to supplement our financial needs in order to survive.
Who - My family is impacted by our supplemental incomes, because I am unemployed at the present time.
Where - The problems occurring at home which are greatly effecting me as well as the rest of the family as we struggle through this economic oppression.
When - Every month we have to budget and plan our monthly expenses carefully, so we won't run into any overspending.
The cause of the problem is that my husband is disabled and I have been laid-off from my job. Since then our limited income has managed to help us pay our bills on time so we won't be affected by it. We each put in 50% of our income towards the household expenses, mortgage, and groceries.

My education in management can make me a well-organized and have a less chaotic personal life. By understanding how to negotiate, motivate, and manage not only myself, but make my personal life easier in my daily routine. This can make growth in my life much easier, more efficient, and less stressful. As a fallback option, I considered a college degree in a career field opposed to finding a regular job in my field is very challenging. I would settle for a regular job and still have a four- year degree under my belt to fall back on as a resource. If I endure a problem, I

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