Personal Life Of Elected Representative Essay

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A politician is someone who is involved in political affairs and voted by the public to be a leader for their community. In their position, they are able to make decisions and pass laws for the overall comfort of the public. The personal lives of elected representatives that run for office should be open to the general interests of the public. Once they make their debut as a candidate, they are putting themselves into the open sphere and it should not come as a surprise when their private life is out there. The public is entitled to know about the personal lives of elected representative through the personal scandals they have lied about, the well-being of their health and the cover-up scandals they try to hide
Everyone at one point lies in their life, but if you are a public figure and your job is out in the open than telling lies to cover up the mess you made would make you less of a person to like, especially a public figure that people vote for to run the country. Trying to deny the situation will make it worse and the public will have a hard time taking in the situation.
A personal scandal that rocked the nation and throughout the world was United States President Bill Clinton, who denied having an affair with his intern, Monika Lewinsky. Even under the oath, Bill Clinton lied and perjured his rights. In the article, Alterman stated, “Many of his previous predecessors Presidents have never faced an impeachment that Bill Clinton faced for his decision to lie under oath…

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