Applying My Learning Style To Achieve Academic Success

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In today’s modern, technological and advancing world, education is being delivered through various channels and teaching styles. Traditional teaching and learning is no longer confined to the walls of a classroom, but lectures, lessons and notes can be accessed and taught globally in real time. The education system is becoming more diverse and students are expected to absorb and apply their education effectively. Students are also expected to fully learn and understand their courses in order to achieve academic success. However, in order to attain academic success, students must apply their specific learning style to their field of study.
According to, learning styles (preferences) is defined as “an individual’s unique approach
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As a young boy growing up, I always understood instructions when they were drawn for me. For example, when my mom used to teach me the time, she would draw clocks on pieces of Bristol board. I then referred to the images to enhance my ability of telling the time. As I grew older, I realized that I understood concepts, explanations, lectures, etc when presented with a visual aid. In that way, the notes and lectures became ‘alive’ and clearer to me. I always used the visual aids as a road map in understanding my lectures and notes. My learning style as a visual learner has contributed and continues to contribute to me academic success. At the secondary school level, my average has never been under 80% and at the tertiary level, my GPA has always been over 3.5. Additionally, I have received numerous academic awards from my primary, secondary, and tertiary educational institutions. However, my learning style is enabling me to become more knowledgeable and experienced in my IT (Information Technology) field. Being in the field of IT, I am using my learning style to understand and perform a wide range of tasks from troubleshooting to programming. My learning style helps me to retain information and steps which helps me in applying what I have …show more content…
As what I’ve done in Business Communication, I must draw diagrams and illustrations in order to fully grasp and understand the concepts. I am currently doing this, and the concepts are becoming clearer to me. Additionally, practicing problems are enabling me to answer the math questions correctly and confidently.
Finally, I am very thankful that Ms.Waldron has taught us about learning styles. Prior to her class, I did not know that it was important to apply one’s preferred learning style in all courses. By realizing and understanding my learning style, I am now able to apply myself efficiently in all my classes. This has enabled me to understand my courses and lectures clearly and overcome difficult lessons such as those in IT Math. This exercise has been very beneficial to me, as it is contributing and will continue to contribute to my academic

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