Personal Learning And Thinking Skills Analysis

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Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) are skills which allow people to understand and contribute positively to situations. Examples of PLTS include:
• Creative thinking
• Problem solving
• Reflective learning
• Team building
• Self-managing
• Effective participating

PLTS incorporates a wide variety of techniques which can be used by individuals or groups. Examples include using brainstorming to get the best out of creative thinkers, using scamper to encourage creative thinking and using Belbin’s self perception inventory to improve effective participating and potentially team working. Within this essay the qualities needed to be an effective supervisor are discussed along with how PLTS and techniques associated with it may be used to
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A manager is a person responsible for making significant decisions and has to put larger focus on external matters. A supervisor is someone who acts upon the larger decisions made by the manager by communicating to and leading employees lower down the hierarchical chain. However often supervisor will be referred to as managers and vice versa. A supervisor will have to make crucial decisions to ensure goals are met and is significantly more internally focused (UC Berkely, ND). This suggests that between a manager and a supervisor, the latter is in a position which requires a higher level of leadership skills.
An article written by Fesser, Mayol and Srinivasan (2015) called Decoding Leadership: What Really Matters discusses the qualities needed to be an effective leader. This article is based on research, performed by McKinsey&Company, on qualities which are commonly found in leaders with highly effective teams. The research has been taken from wide variety of organisations from different geographical locations to give a fair representation of the qualities needed in an effective leader. It found that 4 qualities occurred significantly more than the others in high achieving organisations. The 4 qualities
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Brainstorming can be made to be even more effective when used with mind mapping. The definition of brainstorming is ‘A means of getting a large number of ideas from a group of people’ (Rawlinson 1981). A supervisor may not be able to come up with all the best ideas themselves, so it is crucial to use groups to give different perspectives and generate different ideas. An effective supervisor should carefully select the groups they are going to use within a brainstorming session. Rawlinson (1981) says that the optimum amount of people to have in a brainstorming session is about 12. This is because there are enough people to generate a quantity of ideas but not too many to discourage individual input. The next important part is choosing the individuals who take part. A supervisor should pick the people whom he/she believes have the most knowledge and are most affected by the topic area. Supervisors are likely to find themselves making decisions which directly concern the workforce. If the supervisor is to use a brainstorming session to better enable him/herself to make decision, they may get representatives from the workforce to gain a representative perspective. Doing so may empower and motivate the workforce since they may feel more valued and respected by the

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