Personal Leadership Essay

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June 5, 2011

Module 1
Reflection Paper - Leadership
By Jason Fagerquist

Leadership is difficult to define. Leadership is a concept that probably carries many different reactions with many different kinds of people. However, we all feel we know good leadership when we see it, and we can often tell when good leadership is missing by the way a team or organization struggles without it. Ask yourself, Are you willing to do absolutely anything for the common good for your employer, your teammate, your family, your friend?

I feel that the following can identify effective leadership: Mission, Values, Planning and goal-setting, Delegating authority, Team building, Giving feedback, Coaching team members, Motivating people,
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The conversation should be direct and sincere stating your actual observations and not others interpretations. You want to catch and respond to employee’s doing something right and wrong and respond to it immediately. Do not let this go by the way side, because you may forget, or it won’t make as big of impact 3 or 4 days later.

Coaching team members: A good leader must take on the role of trainer now and then, providing expert advice, encouragement, and suggestions for improvement. I feel this is where I exemplify the role from my past experience and knowledge of the moving industry. Part of the coaching process is to help your team member(s) decide where they are going (their goal) and establish where they are currently (reality). During this process, you can discuss and explore different ways (options) of making the “journey”. Make sure the team member is committed and is prepared for any conditions or obstacles they may meet on the way. All they need is the tools and training.

Motivating people: By providing a good example, learning each team member’s needs and giving rewards and incentives, a leader can inspire people to achieve higher levels of performance. Attitude is contagious. Focus on employee happiness and morale. If we only harp on the bad and reflect on the good, the employees will not know the difference of right and wrong. They will always double think things causing them to make mistakes. We must

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