Personal Leadership Style : Strengths, Challenges And Future Directions

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Personal Leadership Style: Strengths, Challenges and Future Directions The nursing profession needs more leaders to create new opportunities and promote public health. To develop leaders, current nurses must start with self-leadership skills, because one cannot lead others without having personal leadership. In this paper, I will evaluate my personal leadership skills based on select personality assessments, and the improvements that I personally need to become a more effective leader when I become an advanced nurse practitioner. I will also evaluate a transformational nursing leader to ascertain what skills I can learn and hone to enhance my leadership style.
Summary Personal Leadership Style and Abilities
Most of my nursing career, I have led as a relator. I want to make everyone happy and think of a group as successful if everyone gets along. In a previous coordinator role, I was able to lead a small group of nurses successfully with this tactic. However, now in a broader supervisor role with more than direct reports, I have learned that I cannot always make everyone happy, and I must employ other leadership skills like direct communication to be an effective leader. Even though all my personality assessments confirmed that I am motivated by feelings and service to others, they also identified other traits like courageousness and bravery that I could enhance to become a more effective leader.
According to my Myers & Briggs (2016) assessment results, I have an…

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