When I Am A Leader Analysis

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I like to believe that I am a leader. If I am not yet a leader, then I like to believe that I am a leader in the making. I took this course, because I am an entrepreneur and in my opinion a great leader will make a great entrepreneur. A true leader must take the time to understand how to first lead themselves as well as how to influence and direct followers to act in a certain way. According to (Lovelace, Manz, and Alves, 2007), “one potentially powerful way for leaders to cultivate an active work environment is to foster self-leadership in themselves and in their employees” (pg. 379). This course stood out to me as a class course that I felt would benefit me drastically. Honestly, past experiences has taught me that Dr. Tuberville would serve …show more content…
The first characteristic is emotional stability, which is known as the state of maintaining a certain character despite the negativity or evil forces that may try to disturb me. I must learn how to keep my composure in stressful situations. I plan to work on this characteristic by thinking before I react, allowing me to observe the situation before acting upon impulse. My wife is a great measure of my emotional stability, and she tracks how well I progress day to day. The second characteristic is self-discipline which is defined as training and controlling ones-self, usually to improve. I believe that self-discipline is a characteristic that can be utilized throughout my life, from my household to my business operations. Understanding and exercising great self-discipline will allow me to accomplish more task in and effective and timely manner. I will be able to measure my self-discipline based off the progress I make in tasks that I have set to complete. I have so many task throughout the day, that I must master self-discipline in order to structure my daily endeavors to be successful or I will be overwhelmed. Last, but not least I want to be known as a trust-worthy leader. Not to say that I am untrustworthy, but in the world of business there are many unreliable and untrusting individuals. When I operate my own company I want my employees to feel as though their overseer has their best interests at heart. According to Kimbell, Hadden, and Catlette (2010), “without trust, everyone operates at best deliberately at worst protectively, and in either case, slowly” (pg.

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