Personal Leadership, Ethics Statement Essay

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Personal Leadership, Ethics Statement
Gilbert Torres
Kaplan University

Leadership and Ethics
This paper is succinctly named Personal leadership and Ethics because it concerns how the two concepts are linked and how they apply to the individuals, using certain tools and theories. The criteria used are: MBTI® (Myers-Briggs-Type-Indicator); ethics approach based on MBTI; applicable theories; MBTI and ethics influence on leadership; and cultural dimensions. These concepts will be explained in the course of the paper, especially as they relate to ethics and leadership. This paper is based on the subject – Gilbert Torres, taking the MBTI typology test with an effective outcome of INTJ, which classifies him as an intuitive, thinking, judicially oriented person. The corresponding results for preferred occupations were found to be – logic, mathematics, science, and law; based on test results. These results were found to correspond with the subject’s personal history. Ethics and Leadership is presented as it affects the individual. The two theories that underlie the paper are the two forms of ethics – the Consequentialist morality, which claims that the greatest good for the greatest number should prevail. Alternately, the Principle view calls for dignity, respect, and autonomy. The paper cites numerous sources that have provided substantial credit worthiness for the contents.…

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