Personal Journal Essay

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Personal information
I am Usman Afzal Awan. I am a student majoring in computer science. I am in my junior year of my study but am expected to graduate by the end of 2017. I have not enrolled in any business classes at the moment but this is an aspect am considering to engage in so that I could increase chances to get a management position within the information technology sector. As a computer scientist, my professional objective involves contributing to the development of software and hardware that could reduce security risks. However in order to achieve this long-term professional objective of my career, I look forward upon the completion of my studies with admirable grades. My long –term professional objective of creating security
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The most important action in my previous form of writing is the gathering of information. One’s piece of writing is rated according to the level at which he handled the content. Therefore, most students tend to concentrate on gathering of information rather than planning on how to write. There are cases whereby gathering of information is incorporated with the actual writing. This happens in cases where I find direct concepts that are required in the subject of my writing. However, the process approach tends to coincide with my writing experience because editing is important in order to identify any grammatical mishaps and mismatch of content in regard to requirements.
Personal expectations from this course
Writing is an interesting skill that I have always yearned to gain insights about. There are various aspects that have made me to marvel at writing. Firstly, I have read a lot of novels that regard fiction stories. Some of these stories address alien matters. The ability of fiction writers to put together thoughts and be able to create a certain story line has always been unbelievable to me. There are days that I thought that such stories are developed by computer software or people who are part of the alien world. This level of creativity has made me to attend book launchings sessions in order to see and prove that creative writers are normal human beings. This worry has made me to have passion towards

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