Essay On The Ability To Read And Write Is Important To Me

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The ability to read and write is essential for a human being in this world, yet it remains a privilege. The illiteracy rate around the world is high and there are many people on this earth that have never been given the chance to read and write. Whether the cause of this is war, poverty, or culture, the world is not where it should be today in terms of how many people are literate. This information was told to me constantly as a child and I believe knowing this shaped me into being the appreciative person that I have become. I’ve always kept this knowledge in my head to make sure I never take my literacy for granted and this transformed me into having an adoration for literature and a fondness of writing. I was born into a family that fortunately …show more content…
He explained further and said if not for his constant reading, he would lack a significant number of traits that the pages in books gifted him. The gift of reading made him open minded, compassionate, a great writer, and a never ending list of other qualities. The most important piece of advice he gave me was that reading stimulates your mind, and I’d have to agree with him. I never feel as exhilarated and refreshed as I do when I complete reading a novel. It was because of my family, that at the young age of eight, I began to write my own short stories. When guests would arrive at our house, I would even read my stories aloud while they gathered around me. My family would wear proud faces and motivate me to continue, therefore with each story, my writing ability grew. I would go from genre to genre, never thinking any type of story line was off-limits. My family’s support and high regard of writing definitely made me write more and I even took creative writing classes. It was because of this kind of preparation that I had that I began to have confidence in myself as a writer. Whenever I turned in an essay for English class or a short story for creative writing class, I would submit it with no qualms because I was self-assured. I had trust in my capability and I owe it all to my home

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