Personal Image Versus Public Image Essay example

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Everybody, most importantly high-ranking leaders and officials, has a public image to uphold. The success, or downfall, of a politician is determined by the way people perceive them. An individual has a personal image addressing who they think they are and what they supposedly stand for, but often, this personal image does not completely correspond with the public image being perceived by everybody else. A unique example in the history of the United States demonstrating this idea of personal image versus public image occurred during the 1820’s and 1830’s. This time period is now known as the Age of Jackson. Andrew Jackson was the US president for two terms, elected in 1828 and reelected in 1832. He was a strong Democrat who was known as a war hero for winning the battle of New Orleans. His presidency and his successor’s presidency were very active in the sense that new policies were implemented, questionable actions were taken, and the government was altered. The personal image of the so-called “Jacksonian” Democrats was that of limited federal government, strong state government, conformity with the constitution, and improvements in economic opportunity, political democracy, and individual liberty. Their public image, on the other hand, was not entirely parallel with these principles. The Jacksonians, through actions such as the veto on the bank bill or their populist and minimal-involvement approach to the economy, increased the economical and political voices of the…

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