Essay on Personal Identity As A Female College Student

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Autobiographical (Roots) Essay I come from two different ethnic groups. I am always trying to balance the two cultures. My identity as a female college student, my ethnicity of a mixed race: Indian and Russian, and becoming involved in two completely different religions have been shaped by different factors over the years. I am going to discuss what contributed to my personal identity in terms of values, worldview, and how I interact with others. The first factor in my identity is my ethnicity, half Indian and half Russian. In Indian families the oldest male of the family is usually in charge of the household. This relates to my personal identity because my father takes the lead in making decisions in my family, and brings money to the table. He has more expectations of me than my mother because he was raised that way growing up. Arranged marriages have been strictly followed in my Indian family, which is ironic because my father had a love marriage. In fact, he was the only one to not have an arranged marriage, among his six other siblings. However, he expects my siblings, and I to marry someone of his choice. This is because he believes parents make the right decision in choosing an educated life partner. Your family should agree to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. It is also a way to form an alliance with your family. In Indian culture it is not just the individual marrying the person, but also marrying the family. Fathers are more concerned…

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