Essay about Personal Healthy Living Plan

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Personal Healthy Living Plan

1. Feb.19.2013 | Food Eaten | How much Eaten | Breakfast | Milk | 1 cup | Lunch | Salmon Lettace Sandwich | 1 Normal sized Sandwich | Dinner | RiceBeefTomatoesEggs | 1 bowl Few slicesAround 1 whole tomato | Snacks | Candy | 2 piece |

Feb.20.2013 | Food Eaten | How much Eaten | Breakfast | Soy Milk | 1 cup | Lunch | Cup noodle | 1 Serving | Dinner | FruitsCrème SoupSpaghetti | 2 Whole Oranges | Snacks | Chips | 70g bag of Chips |

Feb.21.2013 | Food Eaten | How much Eaten | Breakfast | Water | 1 cup | Lunch | RiceChickenRadish | 1/2 a bowlFew piece 3-4 piece | Dinner | Chow Mein -Carrots-beef-lettace-mushroomsSteamed FishFruit | 1.5 bowl 1 Orange | Snacks |
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For the past 3 days, I ate multiply of candies. It contains a lot of sugar and if I continue on eating candies every day, it will affect my health.

Regular Exercise Routines 1. Explain what exercise routines youa re currently involved in. Hwo do these connect to the completeion of your daily physical activity (DPA) requirement? 2. What are someof these challenges you personally encounter as you develop or maintain a regular habit of exercise? 3. What benefits does a regular exercise provide you personally?

1. For daily physical acitivity requirement, we must document and report a minimum of 150 per week fo physical activity. The exercises that I involved in are the same as my DPA requirement. I play badminton with my friends every weekend and I job around the neighbood at least once a week. 2. I had a hard time maintaining a regular habit of exercising, due to the weather 3. A regular exercise can improve my mood and help my sleeping schedule. It will also benefit my health by exercising regularly. It also increase the opportunity in finding a better job and creating a better future.

Emotional Health Management 1. What does it mean to be emotional healthy? 2. Visit the Canadian Mental Health website and read about stress. Take the stress test and record your scoare. 3. How do you positively manage your emotions when you get uncomfortable with them? Give 2 real life example of this and describe any

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