Personal Health Assessment Essay

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Personal Health Assessment and Health Promotion Plan


The purpose of this assignment is to gain a greater understanding of the health promotion concepts through self reflection. I plan to do this by identifying three self-assessment tools; a food journal, exercise log and sleep log, along with providing rationale for the chosen instruments. I will also address the Transtheoretical Model (TM), which stages I have gone through and which stage I am currently in. These tools and stages along with a wellness diagnosis will help me to develop a personal health plan. The outcomes of the interventions will be discussed and will include personal achievements and success.
Personal Health Assessment and Health Promotion Plan
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It will remind me to look at portion sizes, caloric intake, fat grams along with fiber and carbohydrates when choosing a healthy meal. “Healthy eating is defined as five or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day and less than 30% of calories from fat” (Pender et al., 2011, p. 185). This will be a reliable tool because I will be able to visualize my progress.
“Regular physical activity contributes to physiologic stability and high-level functioning and assists individuals in actualizing their physical performance potential” (Pender et al., 2011, p. 141). This statement has encouraged me to choose the exercise journal (Appendix C) to assess my physical activity and progress towards my health promotion plan. By keeping a journal I will continue to be motivated to maintain a regular exercise routine. I can look back at my work out days and see how I was feeling. I can audit my workouts and identify what activities benefit me and what I need to change. I will also see what physical activities have assisted me in losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight.
By filling out a sleep log (Appendix D), I will be able to keep track of how much sleep I am getting and if I am getting good sleep. I know my work schedule interferes with my sleeping pattern but by reviewing my daily sleep log I will be able to keep track of what effects my sleep cycle and what improvements I can make to become a well rested individual.
Transtheoretical Model

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