Essay on Personal Health And Health Of The United States

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“Healthiest Nation in One Generation” sends a clear message that the United States is not as healthy as we like to think. Initially, I thought the statistics represented another country. I always felt that the United States was a well developed country devoted to prevention, health, and safety, but after taking this class and watching this short video, I have come to realize how many changes can be made. Our country represents a wide variety of cultures, and it’s our responsibility to educate and promote a healthy lifestyle to all Americans. As a future health and fitness teacher, I’m looking forward to applying and sharing my knowledge in lectures and activities with the kids.
Throughout the video, the importance of personal health, public health, and medicine was narrated in a hypothetical life story. In order to lead a healthy life, one must strive for all three. Personal health is an individual’s health and well-being. This is determined by many factors, including our genetic makeup and our decisions and actions. It’s important to know where we came from in order to make the best choices. For example, being born into a family with heart issues, I know how damaging smoking can be to the body after watching my grandma have strokes, so I avoid it. On a broader spectrum, public health is health of our nation as a whole and not just the individual. If we as individuals can form strong personal health, we can form strong public health as well. For example, by not smoking, I…

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