Personal Goals For Social Work

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Daniel Alvin Sayas Jr
Social Work Major
University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point

My interest in the Social Work Major emerged from personal experiences of life in an impoverished household. Early on in my childhood, I was exposed to a wide variety of instances in which a social worker was needed. My father and mother never married and separated which left my brother and I under a visitation schedule implemented by the local justice system. My mother later left my brother and I while was only ten years old and this carried a great emotional toll on my life. My father was then granted custody and although I still had a home, I lost one of the two important people in my life. The pain my mother caused me was only cured by a loving father and a school
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Social Work to me is a necessity in today’s society. Helping individuals in the community overcome obstacles and hardships is a deep passion mine. All too often children and families are left underprivileged and a social worker is one of the greatest gifts a family can receive in a time of need. Making sure families and children have a chance at happiness and equal opportunities is among the most rewarding experiences and social work provides social workers the ability to experience this multiple times within the career. I am committed to supporting the members of my community and social workers have inspired me to pursue a career in the field myself. Working with families and children will offer me the chance to meet different people and effectively provide the assistance needed to create a higher quality of …show more content…
I have been instilled with a deep understanding of how to support people and stay professional amidst the emotions being conveyed. I am an organized individual who is able to work extensive hours while remaining focused and attentive to a large work load. I am a hard-working and driven man with the goal to make those around me the happiest they can possibly be. I am patient, generous, and empathetic and I am able to adapt to a variety of situations. In the work place, I am able to work well with others while keeping the work environment a happy and fun place to be when needed. I have matured emotionally, and this has helped me learn to read others emotions as well. Happiness is among the most important aspects of life and it is my goal to ensure that all people have a chance to experience a joyful life. One limitation I have is my lack in knowledge of foreign languages. Rather than just knowing English and Spanish, I would like to take up other languages such as German or Chinese in order to be able to connect to clients on a more comfortable and personal level, as well as the chance to further my knowledge and respect of other

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