Essay on Personal Freedom And Personal Choice

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All people have choice to choose their personal freedom and personal choice. We love to be ourselves and enjoy all the things that can make us happy. Most people like to choose their decision based on what that can make them happy, but sometimes the choice that we make will not always turn out as good as we want. People must think carefully, ask other people such as parents, teacher and friends before they make a decision. The decision is the action or process of deciding something or of resolving a question. We are not supposed to make a decision in a really short time because sometimes the quick decision can give a bad effect on our lives. People are not perfect because there are a lot of people who did a wrong and the worst decision in their life. I also had made a worst decision in my life that gave many bad effects in my life. The decision that I make made me realize that choosing good friends is very important in my life because friends can give a lot of impact to us whether it is good or bad. Good friends can lead us to be a good person while bad friends can lead us to be a bad person.

My worst decision I have ever made was I was chosen the wrong friends during my first year in high school. It was my first time living in a dorm with a lot of friends. I became a culture shock because it was the first time I was far from my family. I felt like I got a lot of freedom. During that time, I felt very happy and excited because I could do what I want without have…

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