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Assignment 6: Insurance and Consumer Protection
(26.0 points) 1. Think of a real or made up but realistic example of a pure risk that you or someone you know may face, and then answer the questions below. a. Describe the specific risk. (1-3 sentences. 0.5 points) loosing a job
b. What sort of negative outcomes are possible for this type of risk? (1-3 sentences. 1.0 points) you wont have any money because you wont get paid c. Would this risk be likely to create unexpected expenses? Why or why not? (1-3 sentences. 1.0 points)
I don’t think so. Theres no extra bills you would have to pay.
d. Describe at least one way you could protect yourself against this risk. (1-3 sentences. 1.0 points) by getting
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e. List Jessie Robinson's reason for applying for new insurance as Moving to a new address. f. List the estimated cost of the four household items you determined in question 5 above as the answer to "How much personal property coverage do you need?" g. Imagine whether Jessie Robinson has animals, and then list what kind. TIP: Consider your answer to the question "Do you have an animal that is vicious or attack trained, or that has previously bitten or injured anyone?"

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