Essay on Personal Finance : The Right Choice For Me

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Personal finance has made me question whether a master 's degree in psychology was the right choice for me. A master in psychology was a tough degree to research and find things out about because of all the specializations that are out there In the long run when you earn a master 's degree you have a higher percentage of jobs open to you. Psychology is a career that has an opportunity to help the future of many adolescent lives and for the future generations this is a huge deal. Is a passion for a topic enough to get you through a six-plus year of grueling schoolwork and massive amounts of debt? When studying a topic you can either decide to dive right in or you can just scrape the surface, but studying a topic when obtaining your master 's degree will help you deepen your understanding on certain topics and expand your researching abilities. The real question for most people, is going to graduate school and spending more money on your education really what you want to do? So is a master 's degree in psychology right for you?

I have always been passionate about psychology. Human behavior and why people do what they do is amazing. How everyone has a unique personality, and how a person 's childhood can affect their behavior as an adult. These are just a few examples of psychological topics. I would never have chosen another major because I being taught to always follow my heart wherever it leads me. Now, I have a better understanding on what it means to go to college and to…

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