Personal Finance and Financial Statements Essay example

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Unit: Unit 2 – Managing Financial Resources and Decisions
Learning Hours: 60 Hours.
Self-learning hours: 90 hours.
Course: HND Business
Lecturer: Mrs. Verifier:

Learners Name
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Learners Declaration: I certify that the work submitted for this unit is my own:

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Submission Date:

The Following Sections to be completed by the assessor:
Center Name:
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Please note that the assessors signature below denotes conformation that he/she has in no way influenced the outcome of the assessment:

Assessors Name: Assessors Signature: Has the unit been Internally Verified?
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Use a common format for the questions as
- Introduction (analyze the question.)
- Underpinning Knowledge (write about the relevant theory/points)
- Applied knowledge
- Conclusion (summarizing the whole scenario keeping in view pass, merit, distinction criteria.)

Assignment Guidelines

1. This assignment is designed to help you achieve a merit or distinction.
2. During you structured Individual study (SIS) , you are required to answer each question above(Outcomes assessment criteria) which has been covered separately in respective lessons.
3. Refer the handouts for better ideas.
4. Use the computer to research recommended websites and word process your assignment.
5. Follow the guidelines given after every class and the tutor tip notes.
6. Study the merit and distinction descriptors below to ensure that your work demonstrates compliance in order for it to be considered for their respective awards.

Assignment for the purpose:

Mrs. S Kotta wants to start a Subway fast food centre in Enfield lock. She approached the Enfield business centre to seek some advice relating to franchising, financial requirements, Hr planning, marketing etc.
She has collected all the information and is very comfortable with all the other aspects. She needs some advice relating to the financial resources and planning. The Franchise with establishment cost, seed capital and working capital is working to around 300000 pounds. She has 70000pounds with her for

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