Personal Experiences Of Racism Essay

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Racism is always around us, and all around the world, and plays an enormous part in society not only to the Hispanics, but also to the African Americans. Personal experiences of racism have been where I was called Mexican for being Hispanic which angered me to the point of a super sayian. Politicians giving Hispanics a bad name calling them criminals ,and the stealers of jobs for Americans. Racism has affected, not only Hispanics, but to all humans life that live on this planet.
Racism is an issue in society that affects all humans who live in it. Racism was introduced to our environment in beliefs not biological. This issue has affected people which have led them to death such as the Ku Klux Klan when black men where lynched for their color, and how black people
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This made me very angry as if I could become a super sayian my face running red with anger and I could not do anything about it. During my high school years, I was teased by other students because I was Colombian. The students would call me Mexican and make jokes of me cutting the grass and being a pool boy. I told them I am not Mexican I am Colombian, but they did not listen. They ignored me because of my race they believed that they had the authority and that I had none which made me feel sad because to them I do not have a voice. Until the day I spoke up and I faced them defending my race. I told them things that they did not enjoy such as calling them ghosts and crackers. Now going to college and I still see racism which angers me because being bullied for being Hispanic is not fun because I was in their shoes and it is a horrible experience. There are students who still make fun of Hispanics and called them poor because people assumed that they all “hopped the border”. In fact, Walter’s experience relates quite to my own which not only involves a white town, but what is going on with

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