Personal Experience With Physical Disabilities Essay

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Throughout this semester we have read many readings from the ancient philosophers like Plato and Aristotle, to more modern ones like Descartes, and onto current era philosophers such as Merleau-Ponty and Gayle Salamon. One that I particularly took a liking to was Gayle Salamon. While we read many readings on phenomenology and differences in people, I was most able to connect with what Gayle Salamon wrote. I have personal experience with physical disabilities in which her topic is. Although my experience is much different than the women she talks about in her article, I am able to see where these women are coming from their shoes rather than an onlooker.

I have a hip condition called Legg-Perthes which I have had since I was ten. What this entails in the ball of the hip joint loosing blood flow, which cause the ball to “die” or flatten out. Over time, the ball grows back, but never to its original state. I have had multiple surgeries to make it less severe or make small tweaks, and this summer I will be having another one to lengthen my leg as over past surgeries it has been shortened. Most of these have entailed for me to be on crutches or even a wheelchair for long periods of times. I am extremely limited in what I can do in my daily life routine.

Gayle Salamon talked about an arc of life that everyone goes through. While the model of this arc is more of a solid semicircle, my version of it would be a semicircle, but with smaller ups and down, like a heart rate…

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