Personal Experience In My Life

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Ana Preciado
September, 26, 2016
Personal Experience Essay

I had a very happy and fun childhood, my brother and I are two years apart which made for always having a partner in crime. We have great memories of summers in Mexico and running around with the neighborhood kids. Most of my memories as a child are of my brother and I getting in trouble together and having crazy ideas of making tree houses and having a farm. When I turned ten years old my life changed completely, my mom told me her and my father would be getting divorced. My initial reaction was to say no, just plain no. Weeks and months went by before anything happened and I thought my life would continue as it was but one night my mother and father brought my brother and
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I realized how much a child can be affected by their parent 's actions and how much their lives could change forever. I always felt like I needed to protect him because he was my little brother, but this was a pain I couldn’t take away. My parent 's divorce had a drastic effect on my and my brother 's education as well, we were suddenly struggling in school and had a hard time staying up to speed in our classes. I have a clear memory of my fifth-grade teacher telling me that I needed to be okay, she said: We all go through difficult things in life, my husband and I also went through a divorce and like you, my son has to deal with the consequences of our choices. It’s not easy but you need to succeed and come out of this on your own. At the time I didn’t understand that I needed tough love and that at ten years old I was extremely depressed and overwhelmed by all the changes in my life. I thought I would never be able to live with what my new normal …show more content…
I relied heavily on my friends and the time I spent at school, I made it a point to participate in every afterschool program possible. My best friend at the time was Nancy and we would rely on each other to distract ourselves from the issues we had at home. We would spend a lot of our free time together at my home or hers. It was fun to be able to walk to her house If I felt like I needed to get away. I was lucky to have grown up in a small town where most people knew each other and a lot my friends continued in the same schools through high school. Besides my parent 's divorce, I feel like my childhood was very consistent, we did the same things and had the same constant people in our lives. I felt lucky to still have both my parents, even if it meant they lived in separate homes. My parents worked hard to have communication between them and put up a united front in for my brother and I. They discussed and made every decision together. I remember my dad spending the first holiday after their divorce at our house with my mom’s family. It was always important that my brother and I knew we were still family and that this was the best option for all of

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