My Life After High School

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Imagine waiting at the staring line for a track meet. As you are waiting for the official to fire the gun you feel your heart pounding out of your chest and body tingle with excitement. BAM! The gun shot shoots and you full on sprint to end. You are full of energy but as the finish lines gets closer you start to feel your legs give out and soon you begin to get slower and slower until you have no energy left and the finish line gets farther and farther away. That is how I felt about school. Starting off, school used to be one of my strongest areas in my life. I was an honor roll student up until junior and senior year of high school. However, my family always stressed that school was important so I got the impression that I had …show more content…
Never in the year did I get a break form training because I was doing cross country in the Fall, wrestling in the Winter and track in the Spring. Every season I had to balance school work with practices and being both a good athlete and student. On top of being an athlete I also did zero-hour weight lifting. Therefore, my day Monday through Friday would start at 5:30 am and end at 5:30 pm. Not including the days I had meets or matches. Those days were extremely difficult because I would not get home until 10 o’clock at night and not go to bed until 1-2 in the morning doing homework and studying. I did fine with time management until the second semester of my Junior year. The sleepless nights started to catch up to me and I began to lose motivation. I slept in all of my classes and even stopped showing up to zero hour. It even got to the point where I would miss full days of school. By the end of junior year, I had a total of 22 absences a semester. Soon all the stress started affecting my school work as well. I started to not do my homework and my grades plummeted. The sprint to the end started to become a slow walk. High school graduation seemed to be years and years away and I was beginning to burn out. Everything was just going down hill including my grade point average. I had a 3.7 at the start of junior year and when I graduated it dropped to a 3.52. Once senior year hit, I was …show more content…
I told Mark I just graduated high school and always loved working on cars, so I decided to get a job as mechanic instead of going to a four year. As time went on, I got closer to Mark and he asked me what my grades were in high school, what I got on my ACT, and many other school related questions. Once I told him everything he wanted to know, he thought it was completely absurd that I did not go straight to college after high school. He continuously asked why and I told him I was burnt out and did not find a need to go, however, from Marks perspective my answers were not a good enough

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