Essay about Personal Experience For Opening Sentence

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o Personal Experience for Opening Sentence: The first time that I was exposed to genetic engineering was when I attended a summer Biomedical Sciences program at the University of Maryland. We learned about many aspects of genetics in the Biomedical research field and that piqued my interest and led me to the exigent topic of genetic engineering in humans. o Experience in Lab: We further studied genetics and the act of gene splicing and altering genomes in lab when we first hand inserted a different organism’s DNA into a bacteria and the activity and resistance of that bacteria completely changed. With just a small piece of DNA, we made the bacteria resistant to all antibiotics that usually could kill it and that amazed me. The same could potentially happen if scientists alter the genome of embryos and once this procedure has been done, there is no way to reverse what has already happened which could potentially be very dangerous if a mistake was accidentally made. Society must be informed and educated about this rapidly evolving field of genetics which will soon give scientists the power to potentially create a superhuman race which would change the way the human race functions.
¬ Exigence of the Matter o Rapid evolving of the field of Genetics which leads to exigence: Genetics have come a long way from when Gregor Mendel worked on pea plants to discover the fundamental laws of inheritance and the tracking of dominant and recessive traits. The advancements in…

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