Personal Experience And The Travelers Insurance Essay

1299 Words Oct 29th, 2015 null Page
Nothing is as important as having a strong sense of family values. Not only do our families prepare us for the outside world, but they love us, guide us and influence our decision making. We lean on of families during the good and bad times. Without a family, how would we learn how to take care of ourselves and recognize the beauty in feeling loved. Many people rarely reflect on all that our families do for us and sometimes a reminder is necessary. In the Travelers Insurance’s new commercial, they reflect on the milestone moments between a father and daughter that transform a house into a home. This commercial offers a friendly reminder of how significant families are to us. The intended goal of this commercial is for the audience to learn how Travelers Insurance can help protect their home. This is a great commercial and it truly helps one understand how important family and stability is. This advertisement is relatable to a lot of families and builds a positive connection between the viewer 's personal experience and the Travelers Insurance company.
This commercial is essentially aimed at parents, but more specifically aimed for fathers. The advertisement is personalized for fathers who understand what it feels like to watch their children grow up. The advertisement begins with the father holding his baby in their new home and ends with the daughter and father dancing at her wedding at the same house she has lived in all her life. In the beginning of the commercial, as…

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