Personal Exercise Plan For Healthy Eating Habits Essay

802 Words Jun 10th, 2016 4 Pages
My overall experience in this course was fairly good. Throughout the length of this class I was taught many lessons and very informative information that will be useful for my entire life time. Some of the major take-a-ways from this course includes: how to create my own effective personal exercise plan, the importance of good health and healthy eating habits, more knowledge about cancer, and more about the essential nutrients that the human body requires. Having to sit down to create my own personal exercise routine was a very big learning assignment. I had to actually think to put everything together, which was quite interesting to learn about, so that made it easier to focus on. I’m used to being in situations where I am given a workout plan and I never had to put any thought into it because my coaches or teachers were telling me what to do. Now that I have to go to the gym by myself or workout on my own, this was great information to learn in order to workout in an effective, healthy way. Learning about the importance of good health and healthy eating habits was something that I expected to learn about in a Physical Education course, but I initially didn 't expect to learn as much as I have. After graduating High School last year, I’ve really slacked at maintaining my overall health because I work full-time and go to school full-time, so I’m constantly on the go and don 't always have time to have a strict workout plan or to stick to a healthy eating style. So, this…

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