Personal Ethics Essay

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Personal Ethics

In today's world, individuals can make a single decision that can have a profoundly positive or negative affect on their family, their employer, coworkers, a nation, and even on the entire world. The life we lead reflects the strength of a single trait: our personal character. Personal ethics are different for each person but for the most part, people want to be known as a good person, someone who can be trusted, and he or she are concerned about his or her relationships and personal reputations. As we go through this paper, we will focus on answering what are ethics, what are your ethics, where do your ethics come from, and how do you manifest your ethics?
What are ethics?
Let us start off with the definition of
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How do you manifest your ethics?

Expressing one's personal take on ethics and life may not always be understood by everyone in our world today; however, with each decision we make, and with our action or lack of action, we show our ethics. Since ethics is a process that we use to establish what "value we hold" and "when to hold our value or let them go" we must in reality constantly adjust our values and our "reasoning" thought process in order to remain ethical over time (Bottorff, 2005). Our day-to-day behavior, our actions, and our conduct manifest our ethics.
In conclusion, each individual has a different ethical background that is taught to them by his or her parents, teachers, mentors, religious beliefs, his or her own personal beliefs, and we as a society are all diverse in our own way. Most of our beliefs and patterns of behavior are established through our observations and experiences of childhood through adulthood. Our ethical behavior is at its best when intents, means, and ends, individually and collectively pursue a greater good. It is only through human nature and ethics that we can inspire greater levels of values, moral principles, innovation, and teamwork that will result in positive actions and we can be assured of making ethical decisions. References
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