Personal Ethics Essay

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MacKenzie Pudenz
Grand Canyon University
Introduction to the Study of Ethics
Linnette Nolte
June 22, 2013

Personal Ethics
Personal ethics is something that every individual has instilled in them and lives their life by. Personal, cultural, and spiritual values contribute to an individual’s worldview and philosophy of nursing, in the nursing practice. An ethical dilemma may arise when the individuals personal values, philosophy and worldview conflict with their obligation to nursing practice. Individual views and morals affect the behavior and decision’s made by each person. The health care field creates an environment that creates ethical dilemma’s based on the morals of each individual who practices nursing.
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Being a nurse is not just a career that happens inside hospital doors, but a commitment to care for all people, all the time, with humility and respect. As a person and a nurse, I have an obligation to be responsible for my actions. I have a responsibility to be kind, honest, respectful and hard working for those individuals who trust me with their care. As nurses we took an oath, a pledge, to faithfully practice our profession. I will do all in my power, to make and maintain the highest standards and practices of my profession. I will devote myself to the welfare of my patients, families, and community. And I will continue to increase my knowledge and skills in nursing, and use them to the best of my ability. I stand by my oath; it stands true to all that I believe in. I have faced ethical dilemma’s in my career when I am given an order that doesn’t abide by my beliefs, or when my patient refuses care that will help them. An ethical dilemma that seems to arise frequently occurs when a Jehovah’s Witness patient is critically ill due to anemia yet refuses any blood products to help them get better. My conflict in this situation is between respecting their religion and my devotion to helping them get better. Another ethical dilemma occurs when a patient tells me something in

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