Personal Ethics Paper

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Personal Ethics Paper
Grand Canyon University

This essay will explore how my personal values and ethical morals come into play in the decision-making process in my nursing career. Being raised in a loving Lutheran Christian household in Stockholm, Sweden I can remember as far back as being a little four-year-old girl skipping to church on Sunday mornings with my maternal grandmother Ingrid, to the day of my serious conformation ceremony as a gangly 14-year-old teenager. Many ideals were formed growing up around my beloved grandparents and they are still present in my everyday life be it personal or professional. I strive to be honest, live with integrity, be non judgmental and respect my fellow man. To quote my
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When an mother experiences a loss, for instance if a woman looses a full term child in utero, in a particular culture, this loss of a child and the appropriate mourning behavior may be quite different for an Lutheran nurse in Florida versus a female Muslim immigrant. A nurse must be prepared for these different cultural responses and reactions, as well as adapt her behavior and skill to the situation. One such incident occurred where values, religious beliefs and professional conduct comes to the forefront. The code of ethics for the nurses rejects any attempt to perform activities that are contrary to the patient’s rights. These include the right to life, to self-esteem and the right to respectful treatment (International Council of Nurses, 2001). A married couple of Muslim faith came into our triage area with the complaint of not having felt a full term baby move in 48 hours (our criteria is to come in if you don’t feel the baby move in two hours) already there is judgment “ Why did they not come in earlier” from surrounding staff? Sadly heart tones could not be heard with a doppler or fetal heart monitor and conclusive result of a fetal demise was made by an ultrasound. The mother of the baby was acting stoic with a flat affect in response to the devastating news that her child had died. The father verbalized to my coworker that this was not a child of God and it had never been a child at all in his mind. The clinical manager asked if I could take

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