Personal Ethics And Ethical Issues Essay

1230 Words Nov 25th, 2015 null Page
The ethical issue that was presented in the scenario is that the manager, Mike, wants me to falsify the year-end ledger so that it looks as if he has had more revenue in the current year. There is a policy that starts in January so the money for that policy cannot be counted for revenue for the current year. Not only will it affect the current year books but it will affects next year’s revenue as well. The reason that he is asking for the change so that he can receive his bonus because he is hurting for money for his personal life. According to the book Fundamental Accounting Principles there is a three step process as to which I should use when facing this issue. The first is identify ethical concerns, use personal ethics to recognize an ethical concern (John J. Wild, 2015, p. 7). My personal ethics say that lying is not okay no matter the situation. In this situation I would be lying when I claimed revenue that should be for next year in the current year. The second step in making an ethical decision is to analyze options, consider all good and bad consequences (John J. Wild, 2015, p. 7). The good consequence or outcome would be that he would get the money that he needed for medical bills, which is the only good that I can seem to find. The bad consequences would be that the revenue for next year would be off, if anyone asked why the numbers were off I would have to tell them why or lie some more, Michael could ask me to do it again and each time it may be more sever of…

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