Personal Ethical Perspectives Of Usa Essay

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1. Personal ethical perspectives:

1.1. One of the most important fraud case in USA was The Enron case because of his criminal activity which involved a big part of USA.
Let me give a short introduce about it, “In 1974, Kenneth Lay joined the Florida Gas Company, eventually serving as president of its successor company, Continental Resources Company. In 1981, he left Continental to join Transco Energy Company in Houston, Texas. Three years later, Lay joined Houston Natural Gas Co. as chairman and CEO. The company merged with InterNorth in 1985, and was later renamed Enron Corp. In 1986, Kenneth Lay was appointed chairman and chief executive officer of Enron.” (Bio.)
Kenneth got an executive team who did not have a properly accounting system at the company and they only wanted to show a fake financial reports about the company due to they were looking for more investment. They did it because they wanted to hide their debts and failed projects in the market for recognition in the financial world. As it was said before, he started as an employee in a gas company where he got success and then he decided to build up his own company with the purpose of having the leadership in that industry, regardless of the consequences that they have for making wrong decisions. It seemed that many things influenced at the moment when he decided to lie and cheat the power market and it is clear that the most important thing for him, it was to get money in an easy way and he did not even care…

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